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Can you believe this person?!! She is actually saying it's ok for a woman to deliberately risk the life of her unborn child! How can people be so stupid?!! She says it's the woman's own body, err no, the child is separate and deserves rights if the woman won't have an abortion! It belongs to the woman, that's the difference. Why not go binge drinking then? A woman shouldn't become pregnant if she isn't prepared to care for the child!


My responses:



I hope she never becomes pregnant...


There are plenty of morons out there. There's such a thing as being too much of a feminist, and I think people like that are an example of it.

I want to rep you but I have to spread it around first. :)
Haha. A couple of people have backed you up.

And how's bloody Uber?? Coming in and telling people what to do... typical!
Unknownterra's post has been deleted. Ahat on hell happened?!!! She didn't put anything against the rules in it! Is Uber a mod? The only post that backed me up which remained is yours!
Unbelievable. I bet it was Skydiver. Uber and Skydiver are both "samandans".

A Sam/Jack friend of mine says they're like a cult. Weird, weird, obsessive people.

As for your post and the ones related to it, I don't see anything wrong. WTH?? Women's rights include endangering their unborn children now. How bloody stupid and irresponsible.
What's being a Sam/Jack shipper got to do with deleting the post? I think Unknownterra is a Sam fan. It’s an abuse for power, that’s for sure! Why didn’t they delete the posts of Pitry which were offensive and prompted the responses in the first place?!

I asked why in the ask the mod thread and am awaiting for an answer...and waiting... and waiting.… If I can find out who it was I can gave them red! I wonder if Pitry reported people who disagreed with her?!

There are so many morons on GW, why can't delete the posts of Pharaoh Atem who keeps replying to my posts with retarded remarks that he can hardly spell out in my own threads (after blaming me for him leaving the forum). I'm sure he has fragile X syndrome!
Thank you for redding Pitry, but you really shouldn't have. You use Gateworld waaay more than I do, and I wouldn't want you to get into trouble with a Mod or make an enemy on my account.

Yes, I am a Sam fan but not a Sam/Jack shipper. She was my favourite SG-1 character.

I like your icon. It's very pretty.
Thanks. I really don't care about a mod taking action (it won't remove the 5 points I've taken off Pitry's reputation) or making an enemy, it's just a forum. If Pitry pms me I'll tell her to bog off and add her to ignore.
What a tool. She sounds like a 14 year old teenie-bopper. Maybe she's related to that heavily-pregnant woman I saw smoking and wanted to biatch-slap?
It wouldn't suprise me if her own mother was like that!
Your post is gone! :S
Sometimes people don't want to accept anyone else's argument. It's easier to silence someone than argue your point.
People can report any post but what really gets me is that a mod actually took action!
Some of these frigging women's libbers take things too far. It's appalling. If she ever has a kid, it'll be interesting to see if she lives by the standards she's promoting in this thread.
Women like her probably think it's feminist to have kids by random men without checking if they want it and getting an attorney 9 months later to send a letter to the father asking for child support!

They are idiots, hence she thinks a baby is part of a woman's body. I can't stand it when people say that, it's actually a parasite of its mother with a totally different genotype. It's not even known why it's not attacked by the immune system for being part the father's.