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Left work early, took a 20 minute train ride, and walked 40 minutes only to have a very pointless and unpleasant house viewing. The thing that bothered me the most was that

It has a leaking roof! And it leaks into the available bedroom onto the bed!!!!!

The landlord was really calm when he was explaining the issue and claiming he'll fix it, which gave the impression he doesn't take it seriously. He only admitted it when I asked him about some works he mentioned on the phone. I did ask him before I viewed why is the room cheaper (only slightly) than the others. He lied and claimed it is because it's smaller. He also lied about a French woman living in the room, as there were no possessions apart from suitcases hidden in the closet. The lock on the window was broken. when I pointed this out, he said no it isn't, like that would erase my memory.

All this for just £400 per month!

When I got there he asked me to sit down and asked if I wanted something to drink. He starting trying to have a conversation with me. I got up and said lets have a look around the house. He replied startled that he wanted to ask me questions, but instead he gave me long boring lectures on everything, in great detail, including the boiler and washing machine (he made me feel something he just washed) and wouldn't let me get a word in. every other viewing I've been too took 10 mins, this took 40. He even tried to keep me longer, by getting me to chat to a housemate but I rushed to the door!

By the time I got home it was 8:30pm, and I arrived at his house at 5:20pm.

Thanks for the wasted evening you werido!

I reported his ad on spareroom, don't know if that'll make a difference.


Wow, what a loser. I'm glad you reported him. Hopefully no one is stupid or willing enough to buy that 'I'll fix it' crap. Also, I really like your new layout. It's very simple, elegant and clean.