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I removed someone from my flist for the first time in probably 2 years. I also removed her from Facebook. I think it's for the best for both of us. We have very different opinions and she clearly does not have any interest in my life. I respect that, but that's no point in staying on each others' friend lists, no matter the site, if that's the case.

Over the past year her behaviour towards me changed. I found her to be increasingly antagonistic and she has given me the impression that she has a problem with me, like she thinks I'm an idiot because I don't think just like her. An example is attacking me because I put in my last facebook status that someone at work has swine flu. The way it was written was if she thinks I’m so ignorant to consider it deserves mentioning.

I find some of her views very extreme, including what I found to be a very offensive quote she posted on her facebook status: “Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they're only animals." Which is basically saying all meat eaters have the potential to gas jews and the 6 million Jews that died in the holocaust (including my maternal great uncles and aunts, my grandfather’s first wife and his 3 kids. He and my grandmother were survivors) is on the same level as eating a burger. If she feels that way, then why is she friends with meat eaters? Why not go live somewhere where everyone is vegetarian, she’ll never have to mix with potential Nazis. I politely explained how I felt, but she took it as an attack and used the lame excuse that the guy who wrote it is Jewish.

She removed the quote, but never apologized and went on to try to convert me to vegetarianism by pm.

She always went on about how people are intolerant of her views, but she had no tolerance for mine.

So goodbye!


I didn't see anything wrong with your swine flu FB comment.

I once had a disagreement with a medicine student about something (not to do with medicine). He kept talking, and talking and talking, and when I tried to actually have a say and defend my opinion he talked over the top of me as soon as I opened my mouth. When he was done with his loooong rant he told me that I was rude and didn't want to hear other people's opinions (because I tried to finish my sentence while he spoke over the top of me). He also indicated it was the end of the conversation and that he won the argument. WTF?! All that mattered to him was hearing his opinion come out of his mouth like it's the almighty truth. IMO that guy would NOT make a good doctor, simply because he doesn't have the capacity to listen to other people.
She was saying that I was making too much of a big deal of it. The way her comment was written was very patronising, so I removed the second I read it.

The guy you mention reminds me of this person, as she has this attitude that she’s so righteous and if someone disagrees, she’ll argue that she’s oh so pure and you’re the evil one until death.

I was far too polite when I first saw the quote, saying stuff like: “I respect vegetarianism, but you have to understand that saying stuff like this will cause a reaction” and that my family are not analogous to cattle. In response she kept sending me pms saying animals have feelings as complex as humans and I think she may have posted links to vegetarian sites (which is rather snug). I don't remember all the detail. I never responded to her last pm as she quite clearly wasn't going to let it go and didn’t seem to realise that I was not interested in a debate. There is no debate. Unlike a lot of people, including those who were praising her for her comment, I don’t take dumbing down of the holocaust lightly.

She also sent me a pm on LJ after I posted this entry (why is it set automatically to notify me?), ignoring the obvious fact that I want nothing to do with her anymore. I’m not going to read it, I’m sure she sent it just so she can feel good about having the last word. Her mother is Jewish. I'm sure she would never dare say something like this to her mother. Of course she didn't write her reply as a comment to my post, as she doesn’t want her reputation affected by people knowing it was from her!
I HATE it when people try to ram stuff down my throat too.

Oh, man! You haven't heard of a guy in Australia called Kyle Sandilands? I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about some questionable things he did in the past, but now I think he's a w*nker. I'm glad he's getting kicked off the air. I wonder if his giant head will deflate? http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,26046765-661,00.html

Btw, Magda is the actress that played the farmer's wife in the movie Babe. She's a popular actress here, but I'm not sure if you've heard of her.