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Hi I haven't used LJ in god knows how long! So I don't know who still does and doesn't use the site anymore. I’m completely out of the loop. Anyway I have no other blog so I thought just for the hell of it as a decade is coming to a close I'll give a brief summary of my life over the last ten years.

2000 - Doing A levels in archaeology, history and chemistry. Went to Wales (Bangor) for a few weeks as an archaeological trip.

2001 - Started BA in archaeology at an uni in the south of Wales.

2002 - Dropped out because the course was appalling and I hated the tiny god forsaken town I lived in. Went to work in customer services an electrical store.

2003 - Left that job, worked in other just as horrid roles and eventually started a science foundation year at the university of east anglia

2004 - Got top marks in the course and went on to start a BSc in biological sciences at the same uni that autumn.

2005 - 2006 - Started volunteering part time at the John Innes Centre every Wednesday where I took part in research into plants. Got paid for the work during the holidays. During the summer of 2006 started studentship in microbiology at the same institute.

2007 - Graduated with a BSc in microbiology and started MSc in medical and molecular microbiology at the university of manchester.

2008 - Finished the most demanding year of my life and started work at Oxoid not long after where I tested immunoassays. In December was awarded my MSc. :D

2009 - What a hectic year! Had to move from Ely back to Norwich and then to Birmingham for my next job: researching mulidrug resistance in Salmonella. It was a nightmare trying to find a reasonable place in Birmingham and then had to move from that after just 2 months! So far the research is going well, made some interesting finds. Quite a lot of work is involved because once something is discovered, this leads to more questions, which results in more research, causing the project to divert in many directions, so although I finished one stage in the project just before the Xmas hols, there’s many experiments waiting for me when I return to answer questions which arisen from my results, which were not part of the initial project. :) At the same time it’s nice to focus on other interests in my spare time rather than just read up on microbiology all the time. I discovered the vampire chronicles! :D

Reads like a CV but I didn't have the money to be more adventurous when I was a student, which covered most of the decade, although it seems like I graduated ages ago because so much has happened since. It’s more like a list of my achievements really.

Anyway, here’s to a new year (and decade)! So much as changed! People are grumpier and more pushy and antagonistic, everywhere is overcrowded, the quality of goods have gone down, while prices have dramatically increased (but are more heavily slashed in sales). Then there’s the issue of climate change. Does it explain the hotter summers and horrible winters? All the media coverage makes me feel like the countdown to armageddon has already begun.

I wish everyone a successful 2010 and 2010s. It will be the decade London will finally host the Olympics! :D


*squishes* Great to hear from you again! Hope you're going to have a wonderful, not all that stressy 2010 :D
Thanks. :) Have you started uni? If so how's that going? :)
Yep, I enrolled at Heidelberg university :) I absolutely love it here, although a lot of exam preparation has piled up, and I don't quite have the motivation to tackle it *sighs*
It's great to hear from you! Sound like you're enjoying your work. I hope 2010 goes well for you!
Thank you too! Hope your vet dreams come true. :)
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