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Fuck the UEA

I have to complain about the bastard final year project supervisor (Andy Johnston)! Seriously. On thursday I'll see someone from the student union to get advise on how to go about it. The sooner the better. Apart from the shit I've had to put with in his so called teletubby project, he actually marked me down a geat deal and to explain it he made up lies, such as I didn't know what I was doing (wtf) and there was something wrong with my behaviour! The bastard! I don't think my uni will care but god damn it something will be done about it! I can hardly get myself to revise since find how I did and read his comments! The arrogant bitchy bastard actually thought he could get away with it? I just wish I could complain now but there isn't a complaint proceedure online. It just says if you don't know how get advice (so I'll see someone from the student union on Thursday). If I knew this would happen I NEVER WOULD HAVE GONE TO MY UNI!!! NEVER! DON'T GO THERE! THE UNIVERSITY OF EAST ANGLIA SUCKS!


That f***** sucks! He probably has personal issues that he takes out on other people, or he's on an ego trip cause he considers you at his mercy.

I had a lecturer who admitted he went totally off at me for no reason because he was having a bad day. I had another one who took off marks on a math test because I was scribbling some stuff on the side of the page just for my reference and it didn't make sense to him. He took marks off even though the workings out under the question and the answer were right!

I guess they all assume students 'these days' only care about passing...totally not true!

Just forget about it, do your last exam and then you can focus all your mental energy on this issue.