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I got accepted to Surrey!

It's an informal acceptance but it's because the person who can send a formal reply is away but it'll be odd for the Prof. to take the time out to email me this response and then for me for be rejected!

It's a MSc in Medcial Microbiology (Research) for two years (as taught and research) and if I do well enough I might be able to do a third year which could lead to a PhD! :D

Now I have to get the money....

[Insert paypal link]

Give to the needy. :P


Congratulations!! XD
Thanks....I think I made too much of a big thing about it. I have yet to receive a formal reply plus I don't think I can get funding now. :(
Congrats!!! :D
Thank you. :)
Whee, congratulations!
Thanks. :)
Thanks. :)
Very big hugs and CONGRATS!! you've worked hard and had to go thru some shit to get here...but YOU MADE IT!

now the real fun begins...ahhh Grad school...my nemesis. I have a few classes to finish myself...just don't wanna/can't be arsed/have no funding. whatever.

WooHoo to you!
Thanks but I don't think I can get funding now too. :(
Sweet! Congrats. *par-tay*
Thank you. :)
YEY!! :D
Thank you. :) Now I need funding! :S